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that it's all for the best

of course it is

17 August 1987
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Emily, aka captainoats
here’s what you need to know:

Birthdate: 8/17/1987
Location: Long Island (home), Oneonta (school)
Education: rising sophomore at Hartwick College, art major (graphic deisgn) with a concentration in education
Best Friends: Amanda (sepiatnelovin), Samantha, Jess, Sadie (themohawk).
Politics: Democrat, very liberal. I would be green party, but it's vaugely pointless in NY.
Status: Taken - boyfriend Nick since 9/9/05.

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Who I ship:
Harry Potter: ron/hermione otp. padfoot/moony otp. tonks/charlie. gred/forge. ron/draco. harry/ginny. katie bell/marcus flint otp.
Firefly: wash/kaylee otp. river/mal. jayne/simon. simon/inara. kaylee/mal. kaylee/jayne. anything non-traditional.
LotR: merry/pippin otp. sam/frodo. aragorn/legolas.
LOST: charlie/claire otp. jack/sawyer. shannon/boone.
Grey's Anatomy: derek/addie otp. george/olivia the syph nurse. yang/burke. izzie/alex.
The Office: jim/karen. ryan/pam. jim/pam. dwight/angela. roy/katy. katy/toby. ryan/kelly.
RPF: billy/dom otp. domilie otp. sean/elijah. dombilie (dom/billy/emilie). liam/emily. william/anna. thorpeedo/speedo. curtis/nikki.
Literary: rosencrantz/guildenstern otp. aziraphale/crowley otp. klaus/violet.

Layout thanks: layout thanks to thefulcrum. charlie/claire moodtheme thanks to theshiz. simon/kaylee moodtheme and ron/hermione moodtheme thanks to crackified. jim/pam moodtheme thanks to cuethestrings. Tiny icons in profile thanks to famfamfam.

28:06:42:12, adam brody, addison montgomery shepherd, alan tudyk, all shook up, american hi-fi, art, ashton kutcher, aziraphale, aziraphale/crowley, billy boyd, blue man group, broadway, cameron frye, captain tight pants, chuck taylor all stars, crazy gary oldman, crowley, curtis holbrook, dan brown, dancing, dean hyde, derek/addie, disney world, doctors mcdreamy, dom monaghan, dom/emilie, dombilie, domilie, donnie darko, doodling, draco malfoy, drawing, drummers, dwight/angela, epico, fab moretti, fanfic, ferris/cameron, firefly, fireworks, forensics, franz ferdinand, gary oldman, george o'malley, george/meredith, george/olivia, good omens, gred and forge, gred/forge, harry potter, his dark materials, his dark materials trilogy, hoban washburne, hot hot heat, ice skating, icons, jamie oliver, jason isaacs, jason mraz, jayne, jayne cobb, jeffrey buttle, jenn gambatese, jewel staite, justin patterson, karen olivo, katie/marcus, kaylee, kaylee/simon, kaylee/wash, kaywinnit lee frye, kelly clarkson, kitten heels, leigh teabing, leonardo dicaprio, les lémuriens, lip gloss, lost, lotr, loud music, mal, mal reynolds, mal/inara, marcus flint/katie bell, marcus/katie, maroon 5, meriadoc brandybuck, michael phelps, movies, music, my little pony, nathan fillion, neil gaiman, nyc, pam/jim, parler en francais, peregrin took, photography, procrastination, puddles, qee, rain, raptors, reading, river tam, robert langdon, rockapella, rollercoasters, romeo + juliet, ros and guil, rupert grint, scarves, sean maher, serenity, seth cohen, shakespeare, shoebox project, shopping, simon tam, singing, sir leigh teabing, sleeping, slytherin, snow, snowball fights, space mountain, sparklers, splash mountain, steriogram, steve the pirate, sushi, sweaters, sweeney todd, switchfoot, the cheshire cat, the da vinci code, the office, thunder mountain, thunderstorms, tom felton, treasure hunters, trumpet players, velociraptors, velvet goldmine, wash, wash/kaylee, wat/chaucer, will & grace, writing